Friday, 29 May 2020

Mini Magical Mystery SAL 6 - Part 5

Welcome back for day five of the sixth round of mystery stitching! I hope you all noticed the extra space between the part three and part four stitches - if not now is the time to double check! You don't want to add today's stitching to a mistake *wink*. If you aren't in the Mystery Facebook group or you haven't looked lately: I'll be posting the information post for the Summer Magical Mystery SAL sometime this weekend. Its mostly written but I need to sort out some thread suggestions and take photos of them for people who like a starting point for colour changes.
This is what mine looks like after stitching part four.

You can find the pattern here

Have fun and I'll be back in about ten hours with the first non-SAL Friday freebie of this year! I'll be back tomorrow with the next part of the Mini Magical Mystery SAL 6!

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