Thursday, 12 May 2016

The Patchwork Sampler Project - Part 2

This little thing is a mere 29 x 17 stitches and says "I aten't dead" which my spell checker firmly says is spelled incorrectly. Which is correct but then Granny Weatherwax isn't the best of writers and doesn't know much about correct spelling - the message was an important one as she often went borrowing (putting her "self" into animals and borrowing their bodies) and she didn't want to be mistaken as dead. Those of you who have not read any of Terry Pratchet's Discworld books, and the witch ones in particular are probably a bit confused and all I can say is go forth and read them! I use them as a cure for feeling down in the dumps and I am certain they have saved me from more than one depression as it's hard for feeling down in the dumps to progress to depression when you are laughing so much you cry.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Patchwork Sampler Project - Intro and first part.

Over on deviantArt #StitchingPirates is having another competition, this time the theme is "sampler". Although I already have a band sampler going I want to make something just for the competition. I have decided to dig into my bag of scrap bits and see what I can make with them. I am going to keep to a seam allowance of 3 stitches (so 3 squares of Aida or 6 threads of evenweave) and backstitch a line which will later be used to whip stitch the sections together. The line will also help me see where I need to stop stitching the patterns used on each bit.