Friday, 6 December 2019

Friday Freebie: Ornament of the Month - December

Welcome to the twelfth and last Ornament of the Month for 2019! I hope you  have enjoyed this year's patterns, even if the construction was a bit of a challenge if you chose to make it with the hole. I'm sorry this is late but I really wanted the ornament to be fully finished and I was so close to making it that I pushed on, then stuff happened and now here it is... a bit more than an hour late but still here on a Friday! This month the theme is snow and ice very fitting colours for people in the northern hemisphere this close to Christmas and hopefully a cooling thought for those who are down south suffering from heat and bush fires (if only I could send you our rain!). If you aren't in an area that's on fire I'm very glad you are not and hope it stays that way!

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Finish It In...2019 - Check In Post, TUSAL, and More for December

Welcome to the tenth Finish It In... 2019 post for the year! (Since I skipped July and August). I just realised that even though this was supposed to be the last post it can't be really, as you are presumably doing things in December and so would want to show them off afterwards! Since the next first Wednesday of the month is also the first day of the month/year and has the tail end of the NYE Mystery SAL, the Temperature SAL, and the Seasons SAL all on the same day I'm going to do the very last post for this SAL on Thursday 2nd January. Although I will still do some sort of round up for the TUSAL and my pie charts I'm not going to be running this SAL any more - feel free to keep on doing it if you wish - it's just one thing too many for me right now.

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Weavers Birds SAL - Part 12

Welcome to the twelfth and last part of the Weavers Birds SAL! This month you get the final part of the last band!

I hope you have enjoyed stitching this SAL and I would LOVE to see your results - or WIP pictures if life and/or other projects got in the way as they do at times. I am hoping to do a post between Christmas and the new year with pictures of your work - if you'd like to be included please email me at:  Magical at smallbluemonkey dot net (put a @ where "at" is and a . where it says "dot" and don't forget to remove the spaces) and please tell me what name I should use for you as I do like to get things right.

Saturday, 30 November 2019

2019/2020 NYE Mystery SAL!

The time is upon us to prepare for the most fun NYE possible for us stitchers!  This year I have switched it up a little as we have a weekend before NYE and I thought it would be fun for everyone if we started then instead of waiting for NYE - this means more pattern and more pattern parts!

Friday, 29 November 2019

Friday Freebie: Chained Flowers

Happy Friday! This week is another no SAL Friday so instead I have a fun pattern for you! It's been another super busy week so I've had no time to stitch extra things, as has been the norm this month due to all the posts this month but I hope that all you have seen so far has given you some inspiration for next year's stitching!

Thursday, 28 November 2019

Seasons SAL - Announcement Post

I wanted to do a SAL that was easy for many people to keep up with while still having a bit of fun and my fiancé suggested doing a Seasons SAL - while I've not done it exactly the way he was thinking of (a larger pattern spread over three months), it was a great idea and this is what I have planned for it: I will give a pattern at the beginning of the month four times a year. You will get a winter, spring, summer, and autumn pattern.

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Temperature SAL - Announcement Post

It's not often that I do something asked for by a specific person but Karen Thompson came with the Idea of a temperature SAL and I was intrigued enough to make a design. The design is a simple blackwork style pattern (I seem to have many of these this year hehe) that gets repeated many times.

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Blackwork SAL - November

Welcome to the eleventh part of the Blackwork SAL! Thank you all for the birthday wishes, I had a great day and was spoilt rotten! For those wondering why my fb birthday shows as another date - I had stalker issues in the past and setting a different birthday from the real one is one of the ways to avoid issues. On to what you came for... this is the second to last post for the SAL bringing you the second to last part - this month it's a LOT of stitches!

Sunday, 24 November 2019

NFSAL 2020 - Announcement Post

A bit later than planned but it took a lot more work than expected. This post will explain more about the NFSAL. I'm going to shamelessly copy parts of the post that Carla made over on Deviant Art last year (with permission of course!), and with a few additions, to help explain things as she is a big part of what the NFSAL is and has become over the years.

Friday, 22 November 2019

Friday Freebie: Black and White Floral Two

Happy Friday! This week another no SAL post so instead I have a fun pattern for you! It's a super busy week for me with all of the posts I've been making recently - it will be good to get all of the SAL announcement posts done, only four left!