Friday, 28 September 2018

Friday Freebie: Arabic Tiles

Happy Friday - though as it's fairly late here in Europe it's probably not Friday any more for many of you. It's been a busy day for me but I got lots done, but as always not always things I *should* have been doing - it seems to go that way for me quite frequently but I expect I'm not the only one this happens to.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Weavers Tapestry Band Sampler SAL: Part 39

Welcome back for part 39 of the Weavers Tapestry Band Sampler SAL! This week I finally got back to stitching this project! If you look below you will see it in all its glory as I took a photo of it all today.

Friday, 21 September 2018

Friday Freebie: So Many Plus Points

Happy Friday! This week's Friday freebie can be made any size you wish as you can add in or leave out as much or as little as you like with this pattern. If you don't like the colours you can easily change them to colours you prefer too as all you need are a light, medium, and a dark of two colours and replace accordingly.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Weavers Tapestry Band Sampler SAL: Part 38

Welcome back for part 38 of the Weavers Tapestry Band Sampler SAL! The new washing machine arrived and got to work very hard over the weekend as I caught up on wash! I'm also almost all caught up with the Randje Per Week I've been working on - then I think that Weavers will be back on my desk for some TLC in the form of lots of stitching. This week you get half the main body as the pattern so a nice chunk of stitching!

Friday, 14 September 2018

Friday Freebie: Fob a Month - September

Welcome to the ninth edition of the Fob a Month for 2018! It's a bit later than usual for the Friday freebie but my new washing machine arrived at last and I was so focussed on playing the WMR game (Wash Mountain Reduction) I forgot it was Friday. This month I was inspired by Asters - while I'm not a fan of purple and pink I do love all the shades Asters have and picked a pale bluish purple for the pattern.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Weavers Tapestry Band Sampler SAL: Part 37

Welcome back for part 37 of the Weavers Tapestry Band Sampler SAL! I've been having some "fun" this past week as my washing machine died - and costs more to repair than a new one would (eeek) - so I've been doing some of the wash in an old baby bath tub with my sons as the power behind the wash. Think of the old westerns where they shoot at the guy's feet to make him "dance" and then think of 15/17 year old teenagers doing that (not at the same time!) in a baby blue baby bath (try saying that fast!) and you can see how amusing that is! I had the "joy" of rinsing it all out properly in the sink and then my poor drier had to deal with wetter than usual wash which of course took hours longer than usual as we just can't wring as much out as the 1600rpm spin cycle my washing machine had. Fortunately the new washing machine should arrive this week so I'll be able to catch up on the mountain of wash that's growing! But enough of my latest trial and tribulation (it's just there to keep my arm muscles toned, I'm sure of it!) time for this week's band!

Friday, 7 September 2018

Friday Freebie: Ornament of the Month - September

Welcome back for the ninth Ornament of the Month! With it being September the weather is being a bit more reasonable in temperature - and amount of rain. This is good for me as I've been able to get quite a bit of stitching done but on other projects at the moment still.

The people who looked quickly after I originally published this post will have seen other pictures than you can see now - I'd added the wrong pictures to the post - sorry about that. The pattern was and still is the correct one.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Weavers Tapestry Band Sampler SAL: Part 36

Welcome back for part 36 of the Weavers Tapestry Band Sampler SAL! Thank you for all the condolences, both here, Instagram and on Facebook. I'm not sure if I'll be able to thank you all personally but please do not take this to be me ignoring your messages, it's just very difficult for me to deal with them.