Monday, 1 February 2021

Temperature SAL 2021 - February

Welcome to the second Temperature SAL post! This time is an update post, so I'll be showing you some pictures of my own progress. It didn't go as fast as I'd hoped as I was rather beset by issues. First the fabric I'd picked wasn't the same as the one from last year and I *really* wanted them to be the same. Then I ordered the wrong new fabric. Having discovered what I did use last year I then found out that I didn't have enough of the correct fabric and had to order yet more fabric… sigh. Next up the brown thread I wanted to use turned out to have areas that looked exactly the same colour as the fabric when using one strand.
The new thread is fantastic, but I counted wrong and ended up thinking I'd cut the fabric wrong. Once I'd checked my blog then thought I'd given the wrong amounts (I hadn't!). I finally got that ripped and re-stitched and then things didn't line up at the end… didn't take too much ripping to fix this time.
And then I started in the top right corner on the inner line and noticed that things weren't lining up — yeah… I'd auto piloted the stitching and not checked to see if there was anything unusual happening on a side before stitching it — and of course there was.

So long story short — I messed up a lot with stitching today, mostly because I didn't check the pattern enough. Now I still have a gazillion stitches to rip before I can move forwards and do my January flowers.

If any of you had this much trouble doing the border then I can only apologise that I didn't give more warning beforehand. Between designing the pattern and the posting of the border pattern I'd had more than enough time to forget I'd had to tweak stuff so much to make things line up in the pattern. I have added a warning to the post for those that follow, hopefully that will help them.

January wasn't so cold but colder than last year.

Image taken from the Dutch weather service KNMI
In graph form it looks like the image above — I use the Dutch weather service KNMI for my temperatures — so it's the temperatures taken at their main station in the centre of the country. As The Netherlands is so small there isn't all that much difference between what I personally experience and what they measure there.

Now it's your turn! Make a blog post if you blog, make a vlog/flosstube, a post on Instagram or Facebook and make sure I at least can see what you have stitched in the last month!  If you blog or vlog please put a link below — it will be fun to see what you have stitched and who knows… you may gain a larger audience in the process! Not sure how it works? Check out the overview post and the January post!

Have fun and see you tomorrow for the second page of the Sampler SAL! On Friday I'll be back with the second Ornament of the Month for 2021!

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  1. What a cursed start for both of us! I hope it'll be better from this month on. Here is my SAL progress for January: https://needlepensword.blogspot.c


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