Friday, 19 February 2021

Friday Freebie: Shimmering Seas - Scissor Case

Welcome to the third Friday Freebie for 2021! Last month I started this three part series with a fob and a pincushion. This week I'm finishing the series with a scissor case. Unfortunately my health hasn't allowed me to do the stitching so the tutorial of how it's constructed will have to happen when I'm better. If you are waiting for the Sampler SAL please be patient, it's not forgotten and should hopefully happen tomorrow.
If you haven't seen it yet, this is what I've finished stitching so far.

You can find the Scissor case pattern here.

Not as ideal as a photo tutorial but here is a short version of what to do:

For the construction you will need to stitch the pattern once with a backstitched outline one stitch wider on each side for the finishing.

You will also need some fabric to line it. Personally I have found Aida to be too stiff to line with so if you are using that you will need a bit of cotton about 1/2” larger than the finished stitching. Otherwise, if your fabric is soft you can use a same sized bit to line it — just make sure to do a backstitched outline!

The easiest way to make it is to bring the two corners opposite each other together and stitch the seam between them and one of the other corners.

Then do the same with the lining.

Make sure that the lining has the seam allowances on the outside, and the embroidery the seam allowances on the inside.

Slide the lining into the stitched part.

Make sure it's placed correctly, so the stitched seam is lined up.

Whip stitch the lining to the other raw edges making sure to fold in a seam allowance first.

Put your scissors in the case, fold the flap down and see where the point ends up. this is where you need to add a button. You can then either make a buttonhole loop to close it or add some ribbon to tie it closed.

Have fun and see you soon with the very late Sampler SAL page 2 — week 3!

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  1. Another real pretty one! Looking forward to what you'll come up with now that this series is finished.


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