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Lots of designers and companies offer a range of complementary charts for customers to experience the style and quality of their work - here is an (incomplete) list of places to check when you are searching for some free patterns. If you happen to know any other sources, please leave a comment below and I will add it to the list:

Please remember that free designs are NOT to be shared! Link back to the designers page as freebies are given to create more traffic to their sites and hopefully sales too (if they sell patterns) and sharing breaks copyright.

Freebies by specific Designers:

Amanda Gregory
Blackwork Journey
Blue Ribbon Designs
Brooke's Books
Carrie Luhmann Pieniozek
Dragon Dreams
Heaven and Earth Designs
Ink Circles
Kincavel Krosses
Lizzie Kate
Nordic Needle
Paine Free Crafts
Rosewood Manor
Sue Hillis Designs 
Teresa Wentzler
The Posy Collection

The Primitive hare

The Victoria Sampler

Freebies by companies (usually multiple designers):

Soed Idee
Sullivans  (the site also offers a conversion chart)
Rainbow Gallery
Tilton Crafts

Freebies by non English designers (most sites do not have any English text)

Anne les petites croix
Bien le Bonjour aux Brodeuses -suite (in the right column anything with "free")
Club point de croix (you need to sign up to get the patterns)
Dear Rine 
Giulia Punti Antichi
Le Chalet des Perelles (some patterns need to be requested)
Les Marottes de Nathalie
Talons Aiguilles

There are also lots of free patterns to be found on sites like deviantArt.

Please note that Pinterest is not a good place for legal patterns - unless the designer themselves posts the pattern it's probably stolen - or pinned well intentionally but shouldn't have been pinned - if you want to pin a pattern pin the picture of the stitched item not the pattern itself.

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