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It's not always easy to know how to so something so I have made this page with some links to help you do the things you want to do - from making a biscornu to adding beads the links will hopefully help you on your way.


How to Start Your Linen Stitches
How to Undo the Common Loop Knot
Starting with a Loop Start
How to Separate Floss
Stitching with Kreinik


How to Customize an Xstitch Pattern
How to do a Large Edit for Xstitch Patterns


The Correct Way to Make a Biscornu Part One
The Correct Way to Make Your Biscornu Part Two 
Scissor Cover Tutorial


How to Embellish with Bead Shapes
How to Embellish with Bead Lines
How to Embellish with Beads the Mirabilia Way

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