Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Sampler SAL - Page 1 - Week 2

Welcome to the second part of the Sampler SAL! This time we are going to continue with the first page. The stitches used are still very simple, but we will be doing two different stitches this time. Since visually they look more or less the same from the front I'm giving both backstitch and double running stitch — and for I think the first time ever — I'll show you the back of my work, warts and all!
This week I grabbed the top box of thread (it's not always in the same order, so it's basically random) and then I randomly grabbed a thread — it turned out to be DMC 517.

But first how to stitch things…
  • The header I did with normal backstitch (though if you look closely you will see I goofed on spacing, so it's not quite according to the pattern. I didn't have time to fix it and may decide to leave it). If you'd like to see a video tutorial look here. You can also work this stitch just from the front.
  • Then I did a running stitch line where the straight lines are in the pattern.
    Next I did a second line of running stitch alternating with the first line — this is when it's called double running stitch, which is also known as Holbein stitch. I tend to do several stitches at once, just like with the normal running stitch.
    The two lines of double running stitch complete.
  • Then grab the shot glass/1 1/2" — 2" circular object, place it where the second X is in the pattern and trace around it. It doesn't have to be perfectly lined up with where I put the X, more or less will do — there is wriggle space in the pattern for it. I used a ruler to more or less line things up with the first circle before drawing the circle with orange.
  • Next I drew a loose spiral using the orange.
  • Finally, working from the centre, I drew the blue spiral.
I backstitched the orange line and did a running stitch on the blue line. If you click to enlarge then you will see that my off the grid backstitch isn't so very even. Just like the running stitch.
To complete the double running stitch I used last week's red to do the second line of running stitch. You don't have to do it like this, I just did it to make it easier for you to see.
All done for this week!
And this is what the back looks like. As you can see the double running stitch is a LOT neater on the back than the backstitch, though in the spiral the backstitch does give a thicker line.

You can find the pattern here.

That's all for this week! Have fun and don't forget to show us your stitching results in the Facebook group!


  1. As I said I'll be waiting until all the patterns for the month are out to decide if I want/need to make any changes with my strange fabric. But my fingers are itching alreach, this looks fun!

    1. Sounds like a plan — week 3 patterns should help a bit more, the final week patterns will look a bit stretched but other than that should look OK :)


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