Friday, 5 February 2021

Ornament of the Month 2021 - February

Welcome to the second Ornament of the Month for 2021! The Birthstone for February is amethyst, so that's what this month's colours reflect. I still had some real amethysts left over from the batch I bought back in 2015 for the first Ornament of the month patterns, so I dug them out and used three as part of my finish of this month's ornament.
This is my ornament added into the garland. The amethyst pieces were not very well drilled, I'm pretty sure they are seconds, but they are gorgeous when held up to the light! They hang better than they look like they will when laid flat on the table.

One thing to remember with the straight stitches this time is to make sure they are not loose, or they will get baggy when it's finished (I found out the hard way and had to adjust things).
Here are the beads and threads I used for the stitching and finishing. From left to right: craft thread, DMC 553 (with the amethysts right above), DMC 550, Kreinik #4 Very Fine Braid 012, and TOHO TR-11-2108 Silver-Lined Milky Amethyst size 11 seed beads. If you choose to only use DMC then replace the Kreinik with DMC 552 this month.

Like last month the centre area has some XL x's — if you are doing French knots then you can skip them.

You can find the main pattern here.
You can find the square pattern here.
The construction tutorial can be found here.

Need more information? Check the sidebar on the right-hand side for the Ornament of the Month box - the information and the January posts have the additional information required to make these.

I'll be back on Tuesday with the next post for the Sampler SAL!


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    1. Please check my reply to you on the January pattern :)

  2. The amethysts are perfect for this finish! Such a pretty pattern.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I am so glad I still had them - and remembered where I'd put them too!


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