Friday, 15 January 2021

Friday Freebie: Shimmering Seas - Fob

Welcome to the first of the Friday Freebies for 2021! It's a bit later than planned, mostly due to me not thinking clearly yesterday when I was on a roll and started stitching the second part of this series too close to today’s pattern so had to get quite a bit of stitching done in order to be able to free today's pattern. The title of the project is all down to some threads that Michelle from Jodyri Designs sent me early last year as a “Thank You” gift. They are not currently for sale and I don't know if they will ever be — as far I know they were dyed just for me — how awesome is that?!
They are called “Magical Threads — Shimmering Seas” and are then numbered instead of individually named. It's taken some time since I was given them before I had time to stitch with them — because of course I wanted to use them as soon as I got them, but 2020 happened to me the same as to everyone else, so now we are in 2021, and I finally have time to do more than just the 9 stitches I'd done before I had to set it aside.
When I first got the threads I designed a set of smalls — a fob, a pincushion, and a scissor case, and I'll be sharing all three patterns as Friday Freebies — one today, and the other two the next two times.
Naturally I found DMC threads that matched these as closely as I could, I'm really happy with how close they match! I used the dark blue and the green as the thread for the cord and tassel.
Of course because I used my threads and not DMC it will look different when you stitch yours, but the way the pattern is will still give the mottled look in the areas that the green is used. I chose to hang the fob on the snips that my sister gave me for my 50th birthday, hopefully I won't lose them on my desk so often... usually in plain sight!

You can find the pattern here.

I'll see you Tuesday with the next part of the Sampler SAL, and Friday with the NFSAL!


  1. Looking forward to this set, might even get me stitching again.
    Thank you for sharing

    1. I'm glad you like it! I really do hope it can tempt you into stitching!
      You are very welcome! :)

  2. Wow, those threads are gorgeous - I do hope they'll make it into her main range someday, although it is super cool to have some colours just for you too of course. In the mean time, thank you for these wonderful patterns!

    1. They are! I hope so too as I'm going to use a huge chunk of what I have on this project! True it is awesome indeed — but I'm also someone who doesn't mind sharing. :) You are very welcome!


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