Wednesday, 30 December 2020

2020/2021 NYE Mystery SAL - Part 3

Welcome to the third part of the NYE Mystery SAL! I hope you enjoyed adding the shape in part two! The question now is: “Will it stay that way?” Naturally I won't be telling you that... yet... or will I? Nah, I won't ! Bwhahaha! (Yeah, OK, it's not a very good evil laugh but at the time I was writing this I hadn't yet had enough coffee to do better)
This is what mine looks like after stitching part two.

Don't forget to mark your embroidery in some way, so you know what the right way up is before stitching! Many people (that includes me!) have managed to turn their embroidery 90 degrees between stitching sessions and had to rip before continuing.

DET stands for DMC Étoile — when making the palette for Étoile in PCStitch I wasn't allowed to re-use DMC as a code, so I had to pick something else.

Colours used this time:
  • Colour A (DET C White on the pattern)
  • Colour D (DMC 820 on the pattern)
Number of stitches:
  • 52 — in Colour A
  • 16 — in Colour D
For a total of 68 stitches for this part.

You can find the pattern here.

See you for the next part of the mystery in 4 hours!

I do not expect anyone to be able to be up to date at all times during the SAL — you need to eat and sleep at the very least so expect to be “behind” part — if not all — of the time! It's part of the nature of this type of SAL for this to happen, so being “behind” is the normal state of affairs. If you are a slow stitcher expect to finish “after” the SAL has “finished” — though TBH the SAL is always available, and new people find the patterns on a regular basis, so it's never really over.

On all social media sites the tag to use is: #NYEMysterySAL — let's make the world see what we are up to!

PS: Don't forget you can ask all your questions in the comments below and there is a Facebook group to share your stitching results etc. which you can find here.

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