Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Christmas in July: Day 18 - Megara

Welcome to the 18th Christmas in July pattern! Today is another new Princess pattern that was only released last month by Pinky the Pink in her Etsy shop. The pattern I'm referring to is Megara and you can find her in Pinky's shop here.

I do not yet have a fob pattern on my blog for Megara, which will be released in August. Megara uses DMC threads, beads and Gold Kreinik using a combination of cross stitch, backstitch and straight stitch.

You can find the pattern here

See you tomorrow! I have another fun pattern waiting for you (with no backstitches!)


  1. I'm looking forward to that fob, but seeing the stocking, I think I have a pretty good idea what it will look like - awesome and sparkly!

    1. Since I'm replying after the fob was released I can honestly say I hope you liked it as much as you thought you would :) You were correct though - it is sparkly!