Monday, 24 July 2017

Christmas in July: Day 24 - Multicolour Cross Hatch

Welcome back! Today is the 24th day of Christmas in July and the pattern of the day is a multicolour cross hatch stocking. The pattern shows the colours on black but if you prefer you could do it on white too.

As you can see this one is a bit less Christmassy than some of the non Mucha princesses however if you want to make it more Christmassy just make all the ribbons red and yellow and swap the black for green, which can happen in the 2 following ways (or your own alternate version of course!)
It really changes the look of the striped stockings if you change the colours - and don't they look fab?!

You can find the pattern for the main colour here

I'll see you tomorrow for the next pattern!


  1. There will be some playing around with these much potential!

    1. Yes these really do have plenty of options to use colour - the sky is the limit! :D