Sunday, 30 July 2017

Christmas in July: Day 30 - Rapunzel

Welcome to the penultimate day of Christmas in July! This pattern was inspired by the mucha princess patterns Pinky the Pink has made, this one uses the colours of Rapunzel which you can find here (if it hasn't sold out yet as it's a limited edition pattern). Pinky's etsy shop can be found here with more princesses and much, much more!
This pattern does not use blended thread but it does have a LOT of backstitch in the form of blackwork all over the stocking! If you make a 2 sided stocking then you will need to do almost 220 inches of backstitch, which fortunately only uses 0,2 skeins of thread.

You can find the pattern here

I'll see you tomorrow for the last day of Christmas in July!


  1. Ooh, I know I always say this but I really love this one!

    1. Thanks! It is always good to know that at least one person likes what I do :D (though I'm sure there are more hehe)