Monday, 10 July 2017

Christmas in July: Day 10 - Tiana

Welcome to day 10! This pattern was inspired by the Mucha princess patterns Pinky the Pink has made, this one uses the colours of Tiana which you can find here (if it hasn't sold out yet as it's a limited edition pattern). Pinky's Etsy shop can be found here with more princesses and much, much more!

The stocking version doesn't have nearly as much backstitch as the fob, which some may think is a blessing. It does have a lot of beads instead on the cuff, which you could replace with French or colonial knots instead if you prefer. If you don't want to do a lot of the same colour cross stitches you could consider getting a light green fabric instead and only doing the white cuff with cross stitch, the backstitch and beading.

You can find the pattern here

See you tomorrow for our next instalment!


  1. Another nice one. I think the more simple pattern will look great with the added bling in the cuff!

    1. Thank you! yes, the bling really helps make this one :)