Sunday, 8 December 2019

2019/2020 NYE Mystery SAL - Pre-stitch part 1

Welcome to the NYE Mystery SAL! If you found my blog in time and had enough in your stash (or been out shopping) you are all set to get things started for the NYE Mystery SAL! If you have just found my blog and don't have a clue what's going on start reading here where you will find the fabric and thread requirements as well as when the SAL proper starts. You still have a few more weeks to get ready for the big event so it's not too late!

Being the spoilsport I am, I won't be sharing any pictures on this blog till the next part so that the first time you see what the next part looks like is when you open the pattern PDF. This means that you won't see a picture of part one till I post pre-stitch part two.

Don't forget to mark your embroidery in some way so you know what the right way up is before stitching! Many people have managed to turn their embroidery 90 degrees between stitching sessions and had to rip before continuing. 
This is what I'll be stitching with. The fabric is Jodyri Designs October 2018 Limited Edition 18ct Aida "Boulder Opal" and I'm using the called for threads as per the pattern. My bit of fabric is a bit less than required so I'll be working closer to the edge than I'd like but this fabric just wanted to be used and I can squeeze both the front and back on it.

DET stands for DMC EToile - when making the palette for Etoile in PCStitch I wasn't allowed to re-use DMC as a code so I had to pick something else.

Colours used this time:

  •  Colour A (DMC 800 on the pattern)
  •  Colour E (DET C Blanc (white) on the pattern)
  • Colour F (DET C798 on the pattern)
Number of stitches:
  • 24 - in Colour A
  • 16 - in Colour E
  • 1 - in Colour F
You can find the pattern here

See you for the next part of the mystery on December 21st and have fun!

On all social media sites the tag to use is: #NYEMysterySAL - let's make the world see what we are up to!

PS: Don't forget you can ask all your questions in the comments below and there is a Facebook group to share your stitching results etc. which you can find here


  1. I probably won't be actually stitching on this before Christmas, but I gathered all my supplies, so I'm happy and ready ^_^ Your fabric is gorgeous, it will look very different on the dark I'm sure!

    1. I didn't think you would have time yet, you are usually full steam ahead just before Christmas. I'm glad you have everything ready! Thank you, Yes it will look very different.

  2. Are we using two threads over one?

    1. It really depends on what size fabric you use and if you want to work over one or over two. So it's really up to you however this is what I'd suggest:

      For 14 - 18ct aida I'd use 2 over 1 bunch
      For 20ct aida I'd use one thread over 1 bunch

      For 28ct - 36 ct evenweave I'd use 2 over 2
      For 40ct evenweave I'd use 1 over 2
      For any size evenweave: if you prefer working over 1 and then it's 1 over 1

      I hope this clarifies things :)

  3. Are we using two threads over two?


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