Monday, 9 December 2019

Jodyri Advent Box - Week 1

Hiya and welcome to a new short series of posts that will happen every Monday till I run out of advent packages. If you haven't opened yours yet please skip this post till you have! For my birthday last month my fiancé gave me a most wondrous gift - one of the small advent boxes from Jodyri Designs, my favourite hand dyer.

Not only does the owner, Michelle, create beautiful colour combinations for her fabric and threads she also has the best customer service I have ever had - no problem is unsolvable and if a mistake is made it gets fixed as fast as is humanly possible. Oh goodness this is sounding like a paid for advert but it's not, I'm just a very happy customer, which regular readers of my blog may have noticed because I use her fabric a lot.

Any way... back to the reason for this post... as mentioned my fiancé gave me the advent box for my birthday. Before he went away for work again I was allowed to open the first advent a few days early so he could be there when I opened it. Of course at the time I wasn't allowed to share the contents with anyone as we have been asked to keep things secret for a week after the official opening day to avoid spoilers for people.

I think that's a great idea as not everyone has time to open things on the Advent Sunday's. As a result there were no pictures before the "jump" (the bit that cuts off posts on the home page so each post doesn't take as much space) so that if someone hasn't opened theirs yet they can quickly skip past this post and avoid spoilers. I know at least one person who is saving all of theirs till Christmas day - I don't have the patience for that - it's difficult enough not opening things before the Sunday it's supposed to be opened!
This is what was in the first package! A beautiful bit of hand dyed 18ct aida "Cardinal". Two January 2015 Limited Edition threads, one is the standard Limited Edition "Winter Sunset", the other the Club Members Exclusive thread "Winter Sunrise" - these were actually the first two threads I ever got from Jodyri as that's when I started the club. The third thread is also a January Limited Edition, but this time from 2016 - "Auld Lang Syne"

Then, partially hidden to keep the code secret, is a PDF voucher for £4 off a pdf chart. I haven't decided what to use the code for but I have been considering getting the Death Head Moth ever since I finished Cecropia Moth in October.
And last of all there is a beautiful green and gold "frogger" (now being guarded by my dragon needle minder) - a beaded needle to help with ripping when your embroidery is rude and lets you make mistakes (well it can't be MY fault can it? Of course not! The very idea!) the charm at the bottom is a fun angel which makes it perfect for Christmas!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I hope you have a great day and I'll be back tomorrow with the Mamluk SAL as per the schedule.


  1. Oh, that's gorgeous. I love the Winter Sunset thread, but everything is so pretty!

    1. Thank you! Yes, it's a beautiful thread :D I'm so happy with what was in the package for week 1! :D


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