Thursday, 5 December 2019

Finish It In...2019 - Check In Post, TUSAL, and More for December

Welcome to the tenth Finish It In... 2019 post for the year! (Since I skipped July and August). I just realised that even though this was supposed to be the last post it can't be really, as you are presumably doing things in December and so would want to show them off afterwards! Since the next first Wednesday of the month is also the first day of the month/year and has the tail end of the NYE Mystery SAL, the Temperature SAL, and the Seasons SAL all on the same day I'm going to do the very last post for this SAL on Thursday 2nd January. Although I will still do some sort of round up for the TUSAL and my pie charts I'm not going to be running this SAL any more - feel free to keep on doing it if you wish - it's just one thing too many for me right now.

Not sure what a TUSAL is? Click the picture!
As always I'm first going to start by showing you my ORTs - the bits of thread that get cut off and usually thrown away.
This is my ORT jar for the month -You can see a large amount of brown fluff at the bottom - that's what the ripped out part of the October Medieval Owl SAL looks like - it was not fun to rip and I damaged some of the fabric in the process where the seam ripper slipped and cut some threads (but fortunately not all of a bunch!) No glow in the dark thread this month though - so it's just a boring jar in the dark.

Now on to my pie charts!
Despite all the time spent working on all of the blog posts I did in November - 35 in total! - my 50th birthday, and my fiancé being home for a week I still managed to get almost 68 hours of stitching in!
The Autumn Mystery took a chunk of time - and this is just the stitching, not the post writing! Perhaps I should log that separately next year and see how long all of this takes.

Ornament of the Month:
This month I can't show you the ornament yet as it's not due to be posted for another couple of days.

Mamluk SAL:
In October I stitched ahead and finished the stitching for this SAL so have nothing to show for this SAL either, but for the sake of completeness I'll include a photo of the project up to November.
Medieval Owl:
As mentioned above I had to rip all you saw in last month's picture - and more - as I'd made a series of mistakes and couldn't work out where I'd gone wrong so had to rip it all. I then got the November part of the SAL stitched in time for the post and have since added the October part so it now looks like this
Just the second half of the face to go! I'm so excited to see him finished!

Blackwork SAL:
Last time I caught up - now I'm ahead! I finished all of the stitching for the Blackwork SAL but can of course only show you up to November (I know... I'm *so* mean!)
50 x 50 for 2019:
I was able to completely finish the November 50 x 50 for 2019 - I'm so happy with how it ended up with the crochet closure!
25 x 25 for 2019:
I was also able to completely finish the November 25 x 25 for 2019!
I love the greens I used for this!

I wasn't able to make it into something but I did finish the stitching!
Older projects:
I did get a bit of work done on one of the older things had on my list for this project: I finished the back of the second ornament for my fiancé's daughters
Another older project that I did a bit more work on was the NYE Mystery SAL from the beginning of the year - I finished the backstitched outlines.
Though I did forget to start the timesheet app for it so it's not listed.

Last of all is of course the Autumn Mystery SAL which I stitched in November as well.
I haven't finished it yet - I want to crochet an edge around it, which I also use to seal the seams and I need a bit of time to take photos as I go so that I can make a tutorial with it.

If you are looking for SALs for next year please check out the sidebar on the right - right at the top is the list of the SALs I'm hosting next year. If you want to do a mystery SAL look at the bottom of this post for the link to the NYE Mystery 2019/2020 SAL.

Now it's your turn! Make a blog post if you blog, make a vlog/flosstube, a post on Instagram or Facebook and make sure I at least can see what you have stitched in the last month!  If you blog or vlog please put a link below - it will be fun to see what you have stitched and who knows... you may gain a larger audience in the process! Not sure how it works? Check out the overview post!

There is now a Facebook group just for this project so you don't have to wait till the first Wednesday of the month to share your progress on a project that isn't something I designed. You are encouraged to start your own photo album in the group so it's easy to see your progress between postings of each project. Members of my main group are automatically accepted others will need to be approved first. You can find the group here
I'll see you Friday for the December Ornament of the Month, and Saturday for the first pre-stitch for the NYE Mystery SAL!

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