Saturday, 14 December 2019

Easy Christmas Cards SAL

Stitching Christmas cards is something I always plan on doing but never really get round to doing. This is mostly because of all of the stitching I do for the blog - there's often not much time left when I've finished so I thought that for 2020 I'd not only make sure I try to stitch a card every month but to also keep it nice and easy too so it's a nice quick stitch.


  • This is a SAL to make twelve Christmas cards.
  • The patterns will each contain one or a combination of: whole cross stitch, backstitch, French knots/Colonial knots/beads and occasionally other stitches based on groupings of straight stitches.
  • The patterns will be between 10 x 10 stitches and 50 x 50 stitches.
  • There will be twelve monthly patterns. 


  • All patterns are posted here on my blog.
  • There is a Facebook group to share progress and talk about the project here.


  • Patterns will be given every third Tuesday of the month - there is a "calendar" in the side bar so you can see the exact dates.
  • I will start on the 21st of January 2020 - if you are able to keep up you have twelve new Christmas cards by Christmas 2020! Admittedly life happens and so do other projects but the SAL will stay on this blog so you don't have to worry about the patterns vanishing.


I'm not going to give fabric amounts since how much you need will differ month to month. Also which material you decide to use will affect the amount required as you will need less for perforated paper than you would for 14ct aida for example.


How much floss will be needed will vary per pattern. You should be able to make most patterns with what you have on hand - remember that you don't need to use the exact colours I give, it's more than ok to change things up!

I hope you are as excited as I am to do this SAL - it will be easy to keep up with due to its small size which will mean you could do this alongside another SAL or large project. I hope to see many of you in the fb group as well as here! If you have any questions please do ask! Either here or in the fb group works (a mention will help me see the fb post!) and I'll answer ASAP!


  1. I've always wanted to make cards with cross stitch - this sounds like fun and easy. Will you also give us ideas on how to place the finishes on cards?

    1. Not all of the cards will contain cross stitch, but all will have embroidery of some sort. I hope to be able to show a finished card every month :)

  2. That's an awesome idea! I'll try to keep up, but have a feeling I won't be stitching much from other designers next year ;)

    1. Thank you! hehehe my evil plan is working nicely! :D


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