Tuesday, 28 July 2020

A Blackwork Christmas - July

Welcome to the seventh edition of A Blackwork Christmas SAL! I'm running late today as I was happily chatting with my fiancé on Skype doing the finishing and I didn't realise the time - sorry to keep you waiting! On the plus side this month's stocking is fully finished!
I also got a bit more done on last month's stocking the other day - it's still not finished yet but it's getting there!
This is what this month's pattern looks like - well one of the two versions you can choose from... the other version has some additional + shapes in the gaps.
A closer look at the stitching - you can see the blue a bit better now!
These are the threads and beads I used this time. From left to right: Craft thread (still from the threads my fiancé gave me some years ago), DMC 824, TOHO seed beads TR-11-189 "Inside-Color Luster Crystal/Caribean Blue Lined" and last but not least Kreinik 051HL #4 Very Fine Braid.

You can download the main pattern here.
You can download the pattern with space for a date here.
You can find the construction tutorial here

Have fun stitching! I'll see you tomorrow for the next part of the Summer Magical Mystery SAL!


  1. I can't find the pattern. I followed the link but the pattern hasn't shown up

    1. Odd - I just clicked both links and the patterns loaded. Do you perhaps have something like adblock or noshare that stops you from going to another site when you click a link?

      Could you try doing a right click open in new tab or open in new window? you may need to tell your browser to allow Smallbluemonkey.net

  2. Great stocking - the blue kreinik is stunning!


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