Saturday, 18 July 2020

Mini Magical Mystery SAL 9 - Final Post

Welcome back for the final post of the ninth Mini Magical Mystery SAL! It's very late - I'd managed to completely forget that I had to do more posts today after making sure the Summer Mystery SAL part one went up. It's probably because I'd normally do this post before the start of the new mystery and so once that is up I'm finished for the day. Sorry about being so late! I do hope you all had fun! I have loved seeing your stitching in the Facebook group!
This is what mine looked like after stitching part twelve.
Here it is all finished and part of the chain.
And here is the complete chain on my desk - yes I added the final part (the extra pattern) on the end. I decided this was long enough and for the next series I wanted to use other colours.
The backs where you can see all the pretty fabrics.
And the full chain hanging outside in the sun - I need to adjust the different parts to make it lie flat - which is easier when it's hanging than when it's lying flat apparently - it was perfect before I hung it up outside - typical hehe.
Here are the beads and threads I used this time. The beads are TOHO TR-11-351 Inside-Color Crystal/Opaque Blue Lined. The Threads are DMC 827 for the backstitched outlines and finishing, Jodyri Designs T 007/. Spaced Out for the stitching itself and the green is the craft thread my fiancé gave me which I used for all of the cording and the tassel.

I'll see you tomorrow for the next part of the Summer Magical Mystery SAL and Tuesday with the Easy Christmas Cards SAL!

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