Monday, 27 July 2020

The Summer Magical Mystery SAL 2020 - Part 10

Welcome to the tenth part of the Summer Mystery SAL! Yesterday I was able to catch up on the mystery stitching - and I wasn't the only one who did some catch up on Sunday as the posts in the Facebook group showed! What fun to see so much progress! Of course it's only fair to show mine too...
This is mine after I'd stitched part eight...
And this is mine after I'd stitched part nine. It's amazing how much it changes day to day!

Colours used this time:

  • Colour A (DMC 444 on the pattern) 
  • Colour B (DMC 970 on the pattern)
  • Colour C (DMC 666 on the pattern) 
Number of stitches:
  • 96 - in Colour A 
  • 8 - in Colour B 
  • 16 - in Colour C
For a total of 120 stitches for this part.

You can find the pattern here

See you tomorrow for the next part of the mystery!

I do not expect anyone to be able to be up to date at all times during the SAL - you need to eat and sleep at the very least so expect to be "behind" part - if not all - of the time! It's part of the nature of this type of SAL for this to happen, so being "behind" is the normal state of affairs. If you are a slow stitcher expect to finish "after" the SAL has "finished" - though tbh the SAL is always available and new people find the patterns on a regular basis so it's never really over.

On all social media sites the tag to use is:  #MagicalMysterySAL - let's make the world see what we are up to!

PS: Don't forget you can ask all your questions in the comments below and there is a Facebook group to share your stitching results etc. which you can find here

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