Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Easy Christmas Cards SAL - July

Welcome to the seventh part of the Easy Christmas Cards SAL! This month I pulled the bit of plastic Aida I have out and used a small bit of it to make the stitched part of this month's card. I also used some leftover threads from old kits I'd completed, a bit of paper from an old sketchbook and some leftover green card from some crafty project the kids did way back when.
All together it looks like this when completed.

What I used to make the card (other than the card itself, which is the same type as I have used all year)
  • A 2 1/2"x 13/4" bit of plastic Aida (perforated paper works too!)
  • Leftover threads from kits I'd finished - the bits I used were between 10" (the red - I didn't have much left of the one length) and 17" (the brown - I didn't have much left of the one length for this either) the other colours don't need as much thread so one or two strands will be enough.
  • A sheet of white paper - a bit thicker is probably nicer if possible.
  • A 2 1/2" high strip of green paper
  • Glue that's suitable for crafting with.
  • A brown felt tip pen or some brown paper for the tree trunks.
You can find the pattern here

How I made the card:

First I did the cross stitch as per usual. Then I cut it out along the lines marked in the pattern.
It was a bit fiddly in places to cut out but if done slowly it's not too difficult.

I'm afraid I was chatting with oldest as I made the card and completely forgot to take as many photos as would have been useful - sorry.
  • I folded the card base in half so I could see where to put things. 
  • Then I took the white paper and carefully tore a corner off. 
  • I moved it and the other part of the paper around on the card till I found an angle I liked - it was on the bigger bit of paper. 
  • I used my nail to "draw" a line around the paper on the card so I could see where to cut.
  • I cut it out just inside the line I'd made on the paper and glued it in place on the card. 
  • Trim if necessary.
  • Then I took the green strip of paper and folded it up in a zigzag about 1 1/2" wide.
  • I cut a triangle from the paper which gave me several at the same time - a bit wonky is fine (mine are!)
  • Then I placed them on the card and fiddled around till I was happy with the composition.
  • Next it was time to glue them down.
  • If you wish to add tree trunks it's probably best to add them now, either by using a felt tip pen to do so or some bits of brown paper. I forgot and did them after I'd finished the card. 
  • Finally add the sleigh and glue it in place.
Now you get to have fun and personalise the card!

I hope you like this pattern - and the card! I'll see you tomorrow with the next part of the Summer Magical Mystery SAL! 

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