Monday, 30 March 2020

Mini Magical Mystery SAL - Final Post

Welcome back for the final post of the first Mini Magical Mystery SAL! Don't worry it's not over - the Mini Magical Mystery SAL 2 starts in an hour! This post is just a final post showing my stitching and what I have planned to do with the results of the mysteries.
This is my embroidery after I'd removed it from the hoop and added a backstitched outline. The colour in this picture is fairly accurate, the blue is a bit shy in some of the other images.
And this is the embroidery with the plain backstitched outline for the back next to it - you can see more of the fabric: Jodyri Designs June 2016 Limited Edition "Stitching Retreat" 18ct Aida - here.
Before I split the front and back I first mark the top so I can align the fabric the right way up. Aida isn't perfectly square - so by doing this I make sure I have fewer issues with finishing. I'm planning on making a chain of these mystery SALs so that when all of this is past I can see how long it's taken for things to get back to normal. The way I plan on doing it is the same way I link up the ornaments in the Ornament of the Month.
Like this but then with every ornament section being the same size.
I took this photo just before I started putting things together. The longer cord is 5"/12.5cm long between the knots. The shorter cord is 1/2"/1.3cm long.
The threads I used are: DMC 368 for the backstitched outlines and stitching the two sides together. Then Jodyri Designs "The Seven Heavenly Virtues - Diligence" and finally some light green craft thread from the stash my fiancé gave me. The beads are TOHO TR-11-962 Inside-Color Crystal/Peach Lined.

Basically I made the first part the way I made the bigger of the two parts of the Ornament of the Month (tutorial is linked) and I'll keep adding the short cord bits to one side of the ornament as time goes by as the plan is to keep going with these little SAL's till they are no longer needed.

I'll be back in an hour with the first part of the second Mini Magical Mystery SAL!

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