Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Easy Christmas Cards SAL - September

Welcome to the ninth part of the Easy Christmas Cards SAL! This month I used perforated paper to stitch the elements for the card - I didn't fully finish the card as I want to make a couple more elements but stitching hasn't been easy lately and I only managed three.
Here are the three that I'd stitched - I may have stitched them a bit too closely together but it worked out so it's not too bad - I'd suggest doing more than seven stitches between the cross stitched sections though.

The pattern this month is only twelve stitches square so you can fit quite a few on a card - or use them as labels on Christmas presents. They are 1" square when cut out.
Here they are arranged on this month's card - it still needs some more elements as you can see.

What I used to make the card (other than the card itself, which is the same type as I have used all year)

  •  A scrap of perforated paper - the bit I used was 2 1/2" x 6" and had plenty of space for more than I'd stitched. Fabric or plastic Aida etc. works too!
  • DMC floss as per the pattern or whatever you have on hand. I used DMC Light Effects E 825, rose gold and silver metallic threads that came as a freebie with a Cross Stitch Crazy magazine.
  • Glue or double side sticky tape to stick the elements on.

You can find the pattern here

As this is just a matter of placing the elements in a way that you find pleasing I haven't done any instructions this month.

Don't forget to personalise the card!

I hope you like this pattern - and the card! I'll see you tomorrow with the next part of the Mini Magical Mystery SAL 13! 

Edit: In the end I didn't fix the elements to the card the way I mentioned above Instead I fixed them to the card with some Kreinik I had after first drawing a pine branch using felt tipped pens (markers in the USA?). First I stabbed holes on the branches where I wanted the thread to go through, then starting from the inside of the card I made a hanging loop with the tiny ornaments on them and tied the thread with an over hand knot. I taped it in place and used a second bit of tape the keep the extra thread from getting in the way as I had made the loop large enough to use the ornaments as actual ornaments should someone have a mini Christmas tree.

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