Saturday, 26 September 2020

Mini Magical Mystery SAL 13 - Part 13

Welcome back for day thirteen of the thirteenth round of mystery stitching! I'm sorry this post is late because I managed to oversleep - and then knock my coffee over as it wasn't in its usual spot on my desk. Fortunately I'd mostly cleared my desk of thread last night so only three skeins were stained.

I love this part of the mystery where people are wondering where on earth I can squeeze two more days of stitches. Sometimes I wonder too as it's usually been a couple of weeks since I made the design and I can't remember the end result - at least I can peek ahead and see hehe.
This is what mine looks like after stitching day twelve.

You can find today's pattern here.

Have fun and I'll be back tomorrow with the next part of the Mini Magical Mystery SAL 13!

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