Tuesday, 22 September 2020

A Blackwork Christmas - September

Welcome to the ninth edition of A Blackwork Christmas SAL! I've been doing a bit better lately health wise but still have issues holding my embroidery for longer sessions so while I was able to complete the stitching of today's pattern I didn't get the backstitched outlines or the finishing done. However it's progress which is good.
This is what mine looks like after I'd completed the stitching - the cuff is quite pale so more difficult to see this time. As a result I have decided to do the backstitched outlines a shade darker - for my own sanity if nothing else. I also made an extra bit below the pattern with the cuff pattern in black for easy visibility and I added a single repeat of the element on the main pattern in case you wish to use it on something else that's bigger.
These are the threads I'm using this time - I've not yet chosen the cording thread though. From Left to right: DMC 3046 for the backstitched outlines, DMC 3047 for the cuff, Kreinik 002C for the stocking part (I put 002 in the pattern because it's more easily available) and finally TOHO TR-11-PF559 "Permanent Finish - Galvanised Yellow Gold" seed beads for the finishing.
And finally a sneak peek of the fabric I'll be using for the lining - it's a yellowish brown with pretty snowflakes in red, green and gold. It's a FQ without selvage so I have no idea who made it, only that it's from at least ten years ago.

You can download the main pattern here.
You can download the pattern with space for a date here.
You can find the construction tutorial here

Have fun stitching! I'll see you tomorrow for the next part of the Mini Magical Mystery SAL 13!

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