Friday, 11 September 2020

Bookmark SAL - September

Welcome to the ninth part of the Bookmark SAL! As you may have noticed I have not been able to organise the finishing instructions for last month's bookmark - I've just not been up to it and discovered that Leonore's idea of finishing with felt on the back was a great idea and now want to re-stitch and do mine like that instead. I haven't even had the energy to start stitching this month's pattern - I'm in recovery mode from going to and fro to the dr's three times in two days.

So... this month you get computer generated pictures - this one is the version for 6ct perforated felt - or for a mini bookmark on normal fabric.
And this is the somewhat larger version made for fabric/perforated paper/plastic Aida etc. The pattern is such that you can lengthen it endlessly and make it as wide as you wish!

You can find the felt pattern here
You can find the fabric pattern here

I'll be back tomorrow with the next post for the Mini Magical Mystery SAL 12 - and hopefully with the information post for the Mini Magical Mystery SAL 13 as the pattern is designed and ready!

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  1. I'm glad you liked my finish for last month so much, but sorry you have to restitch now!
    Hard choice this month...I'm tempted to break my 8ct fabric out again, but the bigger version looks so pretty too! Maybe I need to think about finishing first before jumping right in...


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