Thursday, 10 September 2020

Mini Magical Mystery SAL 12 - Part 11

Welcome back for day eleven of the twelfth round of mystery stitching! I'm late with posting again today - I had to take the blood pressure box back this morning. I'd managed to fix yesterday's issues myself by way of google and the manual but I did have to go back yesterday afternoon because they'd fitted me with a cuff for a 6' male hunk and I'm not that by any stretch of the imagination! It fit like a t-shirt sleeve of an oversized t-shirt and kept slipping down - a new, smaller, cuff fixed that fortunately. Now to wait a week or so for the results as the person who ordered the test is away on holiday, but I knew that in advance so it's no biggie.
This is what mine looks like having stitched both parts nine and ten - I forgot to take a photo between doing each part unfortunately, so only the one picture.

You can find today's pattern here.

Have fun and I'll be back tomorrow with the next part of the Mini Magical Mystery SAL 12 and the Bookmark SAL!

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