Sunday, 17 November 2019

Autumn Mystery SAL 2019 - Part 12

Welcome to the twelfth part of the Autumn Mystery SAL 2019! Hopefully the many stitches of last part didn't take you too long and you are ready for this part. This time you also get to stitch with one colour, just fewer stitches!
I somehow managed to forget to take a photo of part eleven before I'd started stitching part twelve so my photo of part eleven looks like this. Sorry about the paper but its busy hiding the section of part twelve that I'd already stitched. You will see what's under the paper in four hours!

Remember to check the information sheet on the pattern for pointers as to where new stitches are added and count carefully!

Colour used this time:

  • Colour C (DMC 680 on the pattern)
Number of stitches:
  • 92 - in Colour C
For a total of 92 stitches for this part.
Time I needed to stitch this part: 44 minutes.

You can find the pattern here

I'll see you for the next part of the mystery in four hours! Have fun!

On all social media sites the tag to use is: #AutumnMagicalMysterySAL - let's make the world see what we are up to!

I do not expect anyone to be able to be up to date at all times during the SAL - you need to eat and sleep at the very least so expect to be "behind" part - if not all - of the time! It's part of the nature of this type of SAL for this to happen, so being "behind" is the normal state of affairs. If you are a slow stitcher expect to finish "after" the SAL has "finished" - though tbh the SAL is always available and new people find the patterns on a regular basis so it's never really over.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask! Either here or in the Facebook group or, if you prefer, you can DM me on Twitter or Instagram (@magical525 on both)

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