Sunday, 17 November 2019

Autumn Mystery SAL 2019 - Final Post

Welcome to the final post of the Autumn Mystery SAL 2019! I hope you have had/are having a wonderful time stitching this! You have already been given all of the patterns but I wanted to make a separate post to thank you all for playing along - it's been fun to see your embroideries pop up all over the place and I hope that those of you who are still stitching will keep posting as it's so much fun to see each one grow!
Here are my front and back together - I haven't stitched the lettering yet, I'm not sure as I will as I realised while I was stitching this that it might be the perfect gift for someone, in which case I'll be putting something else on instead.

Some time between Christmas and New Year I'd like to make a post featuring YOUR embroideries - it doesn't have to be completely finished into something - just a picture like I have been making will do nicely.

Where you can send the picture: 
Magical at smallbluemonkey dot net (please remove the "at" and replace it with a @ and swap the "dot" for a . and don't forget to remove the spaces). This is the email that's linked to the domain at which I host all of the patterns so I'll know it is something for the blog.

What do I need to know: 
What name to put with your picture.. Do you want to be known as for example:
* A. Mouse
* Anne Mouse
* Anne M
* A.M.

Thank you for playing with me and I hope to see you tomorrow for the next SAL announcement post!

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