Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Mamluk Cross Stitch SAL - Part 1

Welcome to the first part of the slow stitch SAL that is the Mamluk SAL! This month we are starting in the top left corner of the embroidery (those of you who like starting at the bottom can just rotate the patterns and work like that.) I started mine out on PTP Gingerbread 32ct linen but soon found that my eyes hated this particular colour on linen, so I had to stop. I started again using Zweigart 18ct Aida "Fein Vintage Beige", which my eyes liked a whole lot better.

And this is what it looks like after part one is stitched. Remember this month we have that odd corner section to stitch so that later months will be nicer shapes. I'm stitching the original pattern - the way it looks now rather than how it may have looked when it was first stitched.

Please note that the patterns show the entire pattern area every month - as time goes by the space will become covered in stitches. So what shows as the middle this month IS the middle of the pattern.

This month there are 101 stitches.

You can find the original pattern here
You can find the restored pattern here

If you are stitching this too and want to join us on Facebook just go to the Facebook group and apply!

If you want to (also) join in on Instagram or Twitter all you need to do is use the tag #MamlukSAL and/or my name @Magical525 and I'll be sure to look in on your work and possibly even re-tweet it if it's on Twitter!

I'll see you Thursday with the first NFSAL of 2019 and Friday with the first 50 x 50 for 2019.


  1. Sooo GOOOOD, just dug out my gingerbread and have it ready to go!

    1. Awesomeness :D (as is the stitched part 1 as I've seen it now)

  2. Now that I figured out the HOW and WHAT, I can't wait to get started!