Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Temperature SAL - January

Welcome to the first of 13 posts for the Temperature SAL!  This first post will be the place to start the SAL properly after you have read the information post that has fabric sizes, floss etc in it. Now you get the pattern, stitching order and other information required to get going!

This is the pattern I made to use for this year - it's a mixture of cross stitch and backstitch with each section being small enough to do in a few minutes but big enough to make an impact. Because the pattern alternates you will need to stitch it in the correct order for it to work out.
Week A pattern section
Week B pattern section

There are two weekly pattern sections
  • The first for the uneven rows (left to right) - A
  • The second for the even rows (right to left) - B
Week A stitching key for uneven rows.
Week B stitching key for even rows
Each colour of the pattern corresponds to a day of the week (check the patterns to see which colour is for which day of the week - it's in the information sheet) - so the blue dot for example is Wednesday - of course this is a temperature SAL so you don't want to be stitching the day of the week, so instead you need to look to see what today's temperature is/was and pick the colour according to the list you made for yourself after reading the information post. Then you stitch the colour for the day. Repeat for every day of the week, then repeat the pattern according to the grid below.
To help you follow the pattern correctly I have made a quick grid
So... with all of that what do you do next?

You start stitching at the top left and referring to the pattern make your start with the correct colour for today's temperature. Then you set it aside till tomorrow.

Every month on the first of the month you show off your progress so far on your blog/vlog/in the Facebook group - with your last post being on December 31st showing off your year of temperatures! If you blog of vlog please drop by and post a link on my blog post of the month.

The Patterns:
Weekly pattern
Complete pattern

If you have any questions please do ask! Either here on my blog on in the fb group and I'll respond asap!

I'm off to watch Doctor Who and will be back later with the Seasons SAL!


  1. This looks like fun, I've been wanting to do a temperature project for a couple of years now and with a huge range of permanently available colors for embroidery this is ideal. Maybe next year, having an idea of how much fabric to allow, I could attempt a temperature quilt. Knitting I was just not finding the same kind of yarn colors. (Don't want to try knitting with Appleton's just yet although I did consider stitching blocks of color for a while.)
    Question one - should I park my threads each day or fasten off. I imagine there will be days in a row where the same color is used for the whole element, just not able to wrap my brain around it yet.

    1. Awesome! Yes, knowing how much fabric would make it difficult to do a temperature quilt - unless you went the scrappy router but then you'd loose definition. Have you considered looking at crochet cotton for a knitted version? They seem to have a lot more colours. Appletons would be very costly!

      I would park my thread until at least the row below it is also done as then you know you won't need it soon. A lot of fastening off with backstitch would not be fun.

    2. Thanks so much. I imagine this project will have pools of color drifting across it. I love the original design too with the colors placed in designated places.
      Just picking up my counted thread needle again, it's been idle for 30 years so also having fun learning how to count again

    3. You we welcome! (Sorry I'm a bit slow to respond this time) Yes, it will have pools of colour - I've only stitched the first 10 days so far and you can see that happening. The original design can always be stitched as per the pattern if you like :)

      I had a gap between when I started stitching again and when I last stitched - small kids really made it difficult to concentrate, so I moved back to quilting for a few years.

  2. That's a very interesting and unique way to do a temperature stitch, and I like it :) I should try and start it soon, before I'll have too much catching up to do again...

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you like it :) That's probably a good idea, fortunately it stitches up quickly and it's easy to get hold of the temperatures from earlier in the month :)