Wednesday, 1 January 2020

2019/2020 NYE Mystery SAL - The Back and Final Post

Welcome to the final post of the NYE Mystery SAL! I want to thank you all for stitching along with me - sometimes literally as I wasn't always up to date with the SAL myself but as you can see below I did manage to finish on time! I have had so much fun seeing all of your versions - and new people joining in now and then too!  I hope to see many more of you jump in as you find the time in your busy schedules - NYE landing in the middle of the week certainly didn't help with having much time!
And this is what my completed NYE Mystery looks like! I am so glad I picked a dark fabric as it made is *so* much easier to take photos of the light colours and have them actually show up.

I would love it if you were to send me photos of your finished Mystery SALs made using my patterns - I'm hoping to do a series of blog posts showing off what you have stitched - it doesn't have to be a finish finished thing, just a photo like the one above (with completed stitching) is more than ok :)

Where you can send the picture: 
Magical at smallbluemonkey dot net (please remove the "at" and replace it with a @ and swap the "dot" for a . and don't forget to remove the spaces). This is the email that's linked to the domain at which I host all of the patterns so I'll know it is something for the blog.

What do I need to know: 
What name to put with your picture... Do you want to be known as (for example):
* A. Mouse
* Anne Mouse
* Anne M
* A.M.

You can find the pattern for the back here

I do not expect anyone to be able to be up to date at all times during the SAL - you need to eat and sleep at the very least so expect to be "behind" part - if not all - of the time! It's part of the nature of this type of SAL for this to happen, so being "behind" is the normal state of affairs. If you are a slow stitcher expect to finish "after" the SAL has "finished" - though tbh the SAL is always available and new people find the patterns on a regular basis so it's never really over.

On all social media sites the tag to use is: #NYEMysterySAL - let's make the world see what we are up to!

Have fun! I will be back later today with a few more posts - amongst which are the Seasons SAL and the Temperature SAL which both start today!

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