Thursday, 2 January 2020


In-between the mayhem of the NYE Mystery SAL my long awaited for order arrived - it had been delayed for 2 reasons - firstly due to the huge number of orders Michelle from Jodyri Designs had to lengthen the time from order to posting from 15 days to 4 weeks and secondly I'd said that if it was easier to just send all of my November and December stuff together - it was. So it was all put in the post on the 11th December and after that the postal gods decided I didn't need all this stuff till after Christmas - as if!

What I got was a combination of the Monthly Limited edition fabrics and threads, some much  needed Nevermore thread as I'd completely run out and needed more for more than one project, the Christmas specials, and a Christmas gift I got myself. It was paid for using my own money and some of the money I'd received from Ko-fi and PayPal donations. I'll be relying more on the donations I received over Christmas (Thanks again dear donators <3) in future months for my fabrics and threads as my son's college fees are really biting into my disability payments every month. Not enough to cause financial issues as long as I don't spend much money on myself - it will be worth it in the long run, I just need to adjust to the new normal, as we all do when another repeating bill arrives.

I'm lucky - I have a decent stash to start with and kind people who have helped me so I'm not worried about money for the things I need to do to bring more content to my blog :)

Anyway on to what I started writing this post for!
First of all I got myself a Christmas gift from Jodyri - the small one with a scissor fob as I didn't know there would be one in the Advent box.  
Inside was a nice bit of 18ct Aida "Twinkling Lights" that is 9" x 13" and not available any other way.
Also in the package were three skeins of thread "Pixie Dust", "Sea Glass", and "Moon & Stars". All three are regular line threads so I was able to link you to them for a better look. I have these already as I was in the five thread a month club some years ago till I'd collected them all. Last of all is the beautiful scissor fob that has Christmas written all over it from the colours to the charm at the bottom! This was a nice pick me up in the middle of trying to keep up with the NYE Mystery SAL posts! I'm very happy with the contents of this package so am glad I got it for myself.
Next up is the November Limited Edition fabric (the thread will follow, I didn't photograph them together) it's called Centaur Magic and is *so* me - not all the way blue, not all the way green just perfect!
The December Limited Edition fabric is also amazing - I think I'll keep this for something bigger as its just right for that. Then on to the things I paid for using donations...
13" x 18"

9" x 13"
I got the Christmas Limited Edition fabric "Snowy Skies" twice as I loved it so much and knew it was a useful colour to have in my stash.
I also got a small bit of "Fireside Embers" as I don't have many brownish fabrics and have needed some in the past and not had it.
Here are all of small sizes of the fabrics together so you can see the colours a bit more accurately as some were quite difficult to get right.
I also got some threads - The bottom five were from my own money - the two limited edition threads and the Nevermore and the top five were the set of Christmas threads that I bought using donations. The third from the top is the thread that matches the fabric I got in the Christmas gift package - I thought that was a lovely touch.

That is all that arrived in the post the other day, I'll make more posts like this as I spend donations <3

I'll be back later with the final Finish It In... 2019 post!


  1. Wonderful selection of fabrics and floss, and I'm sure you'll put some of them to good use this year <3

    1. I was very happy with what arrived! I certainly shall be trying to find a use for them - they are too pretty to languish in my stash!


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