Friday, 17 January 2020

35 x 35 for 2020 - January

Welcome to the First 35 x 35 for 2020! I *did* consider doing 20 x 20 for 2020 but I wanted to work on something bigger than the 25 x 25 for 2019. The plan this month was to do just the one pattern but I ended up with two as I couldn't decide which I liked the most - so you get the choice instead!

This side needs a bit more concentration to stitch than the other side but if you stitch DMC 913 (or your chosen colour) first then you have a good framework to finish the rest.
This one keeps the colours a bit more organised with more stitches in an area - I did my one of this working outside in.
Not as much of a centre dip as I'd have liked but my hands were not wanting to apply much pressure today.
This side is a bit more work but doesn't it look good! I stitched the pattern on Jodyri Designs November 2018 Year of Pastels 14ct Aida "Golden Citrine". I used the called for threads and used TOHO TR-11-72 Transparent Beach Glass Green seed beads for the finishing and a pair of green faceted Czech glass beads for the centre.

Like the pattern but not the colour of the threads? No worries! Just grab five colours that are light to dark and use them instead! You can pick any colour you like - or a combination! How about a full rainbow? That would work too! Be brave with colour and have fun - it's only a little thing to stitch.

You can find side A here
You can find side B here

Have fun stitching! I'll see you Tuesday for the first part of the Easy Christmas Cards SAL (I think you will LOVE what I have designed for this month!).


  1. Oh wow, I would have sworn that was a variegated green from the way it looks!

    1. Why thank you! :D That is exactly where I was going with it :D