Friday, 1 June 2012

Day 8

Unfortunately the different whites are not showing up as well as I'd like in the photo's but in reality if you look at them in the right light you can see the subtle differences between the three. Doing the white certainly is making the embroidery behave a bit better and stop distorting so I'm happy with that result and will keep plugging along with the whites to make the whole embroidery behave. Spaces left at the ends of the white lines of embroidery are to allow for colours I still need to do in the central bit. Again not too much done - I was so exhausted after not sleeping much on Thursday that I gave up and went to bed early. I can see the bits where I was so tired I messed up and I will need to see if/how I can fix it (hopefully without removing whole lines of work)

Colours finished:

Working with:

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