Friday, 8 June 2012

Day 12

Was feeling a tad under the weather the past few days so didn't do any embroidery till yesterday when I worked a bit more with white #1 as I call it - better known as "White" by DMC lol I'm getting close to reaching the bottom now with this and then will be able to go back and do the skinny left hand side with it. Not having oldest around certainly helped me get rest as I wasn't getting disturbed by bickering kids all the time *wink*

Colours finished:

Working with:

Top: done the wrong way - result is uneven stitching. Side: done the right way - result is nice even stitches.
I also found out what I was doing wrong with the "Light Effects" threads that made working with them so horrid. I did what I always do: take a single strand and fold in half using the loop to start the embroidery on the work, but with the "Light Effects" threads it has to be done differently to avoid the ends unravelling while working: you have to put the loop through the needle and slip the threads through the loop so the end is held firmly in place on the needle. When you embroider like this the thread behaves the way I'd like it to , no unravelling, no core threads jumping out of the outer layer..  everything one would expect from DMC thread in fact *grin*

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