Monday, 4 June 2012

Day 10 +11

Yesterday things didn't exactly go to plan and in my rush to get ready for an afternoon workshop I didn't have time to do an update and when I got back I'd forgotten I'd not already done it. (more on the workshop later in another post) So here is the blog post I *should* have added yesterday. I'd gone to town again on Saturday as I now had more time to get the things I didn't have time for on Friday and also treated myself to a bunch of  "Light Effects" DMC embroidery thread, which took an age to get onto bobbins when I got home. I got all the "Jewel Effects", "Precious Metal Effects" and "Antique Effects". Both Fluorescent Effects and the Glow-in-the-Dark. I also got most of the "Pearlescent Effects" but they didn't have one of them in the shop unfortunately.My inner hoarder is happy for now <wink>. This all meant that not so much progress was made on Saturday and the photo above shows the progress made on Saturday.

Colours finished:

Working with:

Sunday after the workshop I didn't work on this project at all so there is no update photo for this. What I did do was start a little sampler with the different "Light Effects" threads to see how they stitched and felt once done. First thing I found out was that I couldn't use the same length threads as I normally do but have to use half the length and even then it tends to get looser and unravelled near the tail ends while I work - not so fun really. The "Jewel Effects" are most effected by this with the "Antique Effects" and "Pearlescent Effects" begin the least effected of the ones I've tried so far. Still need to try the Fluorescent Effects and the Glow-in-the-Dark but they feel softer on the bobbin so will probably also behave better. The ones I have done so far also all feel pretty "rough" on the fabric once embroidered so are definitively not suitable for anything tactile.  Going to finish my little sampler and my workshop item before continuing with the secret project today. Also have to do a load of packing as oldest is off to school camp for 4 days starting tomorrow <sigh>.

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