Saturday, 2 June 2012

Day 9

Yesterday I had to go by train to the next town along for some stuff and took this along with me. I tend to sit or stand and embroider everywhere - on the platform, in the train and anywhere I need to wait. This time it was the 50+ year old male conductor who stopped to ask what I was making and he thought it was nice but is more used to pictures with embroidery than this, so didn't really understand it hehe.  His talking caused the people in the seats around me to look at what I was doing too, they all thought it was clever but well... they didn't really understand the concept.

I got the last 2 colours I needed to complete my collection of the basic DMC colours at the shop in that town as well - unlike the one near me they have it ALL - everything <drool> the guy who helped me was very nice and gave me one of the DMC catalogues that they they normally sell (to avoid people taking them and throwing them away straight away) for free so I spent a bit of time yesterday drooling over that and getting idea's my finances won't allow lol.

I did however fix the worst of the errors I'd spotted yesterday -sadly ripping out stitches was the only solution -  and I got a fair bit of the different whites done. If you look closely at the photo (click to enlarge) you can actually see some shading differences. The more white I get done the less the embroidery shows signs of distortion :)

Colours finished:

Working with:

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