Saturday, 16 June 2012

Day 20

While working with the colours yesterday I really noticed that they added some depth to the embroidery as two of them are a bit darker than the most of the other more used colours. I'm really surprised I managed this much as my body decided to slam the breaks on and force me to rest by way of a massive, migraine like headache which resulted in me going to bed at 5 pm and sleeping till 9 pm and then again (after a bit of being awake) till gone 1 pm. The headache is fortunately mostly gone now :)

Colours finished:

Working with:

Left to do in the main area: 

Left to do for the border:

 When I did finally wake I wandered into the garden to see if the blackbird that lives there left me any strawberries for a change - I was pleasantly surprised as I found 180 grams (that's just over 6 oz in imperial money) so I washed and sliced them and had them with plain yoghurt for breakfast - heaven on a spoon!

Just after I'd picked them I'd taken them to my desk to take the photo above and the blackbird followed me into the house and shouted at me for a bit - he hops into the house a fair bit looking for crumbs in the kitchen but it's the first time he's ever that he's done anything but hop around and fly away when I look at him too long. I think he was objecting to me stealing *his* food lol.

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