Tuesday, 26 June 2012

It's not what you think it is...

.. but what it really is I'll leave to your imagination for a bit *wink*

I'm a bit later than usual as I had to clean under my old washing machine in preparation of the arrival of the new one. You do *not* want to know what was under there - it was horrid! The delivery men liked me for taking the time to clean under there first and for giving the old machine a wipe down as they had to carry it downstairs by hand.  It now matches the drier I got last year - I was mostly out to make sure that they had the same capacity as it's nice when you can wash as much as fits in the drier after. I'm doing the first "brand new machine" empty run of the machine right now and the one thing I'm noticing is that it's so *QUIET* the old one was making a lot of noise as it was slowly dying but it never was very quiet any way so this is lovely. No more complaining kids as I run a late night wash hehe.

I also spoiled myself and got a new toaster to replace the old one that was almost at deaths door - it's shiny! and black!! and it BEEPS!!! *super excited* I made toasted sandwiches in it today to try it out and it easily takes a sandwich with cheese and ham in between (though I did put it in one of those little baggies for doing this with first - didn't want melted cheese all over my nice new toaster) Of course I forgot to take pictures of the sandwich before I'd eaten it and I'm pretty sure nobody wants to see a picture of it now *wink* (and if you do.. there are almost certainly sites out there with that stuff already :P )

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