Friday, 22 June 2012

Finally finished!

Several months ago I saw an artwork that I really loved the idea of : Iliad It was much too large for me to even try to re-create but I did like the idea of making something with a hidden message. I spend some time pondering things while I made other embroideries and one day I finally came up with what I wanted to make: my favourite cupcake recipe. Making the pattern took several days - it's hard work translating a written message into a pattern by way of an embroidery pattern maker - even with the symbols being the letters of the alphabet (on a side note - don't use lower-case letters for something like this - it is *really* difficult to read some letters when they fall off the edge of the square of the pattern).

I noticed that things were puckering up a fair bit while working on it so I had to add the white background, something I'd not planned so it's not in the pattern I made. I would also not have used the orange/brown I did for the spaces if I'd know I was using white as the background as I would then have made the spaces in white as well.

I am however really happy with the result, but have made a mental note to never do something like this again lol.

Size: 5 1/4 x 4 1/2
number of colours used: 58

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