Friday, 8 June 2012

Lego Demon from SATW

So I got this crazy idea to see what it would be like to turn one of my Scandinavia and the World embroidery patterns into Lego. I raided my oldest son's Lego stash for the job as he was away on school camp and couldn't complain about the mess I made hehe (that youngest has less bricks has absolutely nothing to do with it *wink* ).

First I built it one brick wide and counted one lengthways stud as a stitch but my son just didn't have enough black and white Lego that wasn't already in use in other projects for me to do that so I had to take it apart and start again.

I then decided to borrow one of youngest's large grey base plates and used that as the base to build on and counted one stud as one stitch and I found that I had *just* enough black and white to just about complete it - I would have preferred to completely cover the baseplate with white but well.. I need to top up the kids Lego bricks first lol

Artwork from this comic by humon all I did was convert it to an embroidery pattern (which I made already as an embroidery) and make that in Lego. If you haven't read any of her comics before you are missing out - they are amazing!
Scandinavia and the World:

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