Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Run off my feet..

Getting oldest ready for school camp has really made me run around a lot more than I expected *of course* he dropped at the last minute that his swimming trunks didn't fit and his slippers were broken (when asked last week he said they were all ok lol) so that resulted in another trip to town to get that stuff with money I had earmarked for other stuff.  Then of course there was the time spent adding name lables to *everything* so it doesn't get permanently lost if he forgets something or it gets mixed up with somebody else's stuff.

He did come home with some news that caused me to spend all evening and part of the night baking: ALL year 7 kids that had done their bicycle exam (similar to a drivers licence but without the "weight" of it - it just means that kids know traffic laws and can safely bicycle independently in traffic) and passed - it's rather unusual for the pass rate to be 100% so I decided that all the kids deserved cupcakes and got baking.

I made 3 batches of batter: one strawberry, one vanilla and one chocolate and somehow ended up with 3 different amounts of mini cupcakes: 34 vanilla, 38 strawberry and 41 chocolate. after baking I decorated them with a simple icing of water and icing sugar, adding strawberry flavour to the icing for the strawberry cupcakes and brown sugar to the icing for the chocolate ones.

Once the icing had set I split them into 6 bags of 18 cupcakes each as the kids were split into 6 groups for the bicycle trip to the school camp location and to make it easier for the teachers to share the cupcakes to the kids. The teacher I gave them to was thrilled - she loves my baking and had been disappointed that oldest had chosen to give his classmates ice creams on his birthday instead of cupcakes. (I just hope she does indeed share the cupcakes instead of keeping them for herself lol) Next time i need to start baking sooner.. I didn't finish till 4:30 am.

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