Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Cherry wands

A long time ago I made a "wand" from a bit of lilac wood we'd pruned from the lilac tree - it's not easy to whittle down to any shape and I ended up with a "wand" that was only marginally thinner at the top than at the base - not exactly a very convincing wand therefore. I'd promised oldest a new one and also youngest one as well and I finally got round to making them. I used some bits from the hacked off branches of the cherry tree to make these - the wood had been lying in my garden for a couple of months so it's not really seasoned but nice and easy to whittle still. I left some of the darker bits in place as I liked the look of it, especially after I'd sanded them down to make them nice and smooth.

The smaller one is just over 16"/41 cm
The larger one is 17"/43,5 cm

I'll be giving them some TLC with some beeswax polish I have in a bit to make them shine and keep them nice for longer.

The kids were thrilled when they saw them and rushed off to the garden to practice their spell casting.

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