Thursday, 31 May 2012

Day 7 - First week is over!

As always it pays to save what you are doing on a computer - I'd been marking my progress on the pattern on my computer in Paint.NET but apparently completely forgot to save it *at all* and when my computer started acting up for other reasons I completely lost all progress that I'd made. After thinking about things for a long time and re-marking the colour I was working on at the time I decided to skip re-adding everything and just work on the colours I still had to do as I had kept the colours I still had to do separate from the finished ones. This caused a fair bit of lost time of course so I only completed the one colour yesterday.

I noticed that between the lines of the embroidery things are not as flat as they should be (yuk) so I decided that instead of leaving that space uncovered I'd add some stitching there too and chose to do a strip pattern in 3 shades of white. In the photo above the colours do not show so clearly but there is a tiny difference (I can just hear the guys say "Difference? There's a difference??") that is admittedly more obvious in sunlight (which of course is hidden behind the clouds right now).

Colours finished:

Working with:

Going to be working with these three for a day or so but I'll still post an update photo tomorrow :)

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