Wednesday, 13 June 2012

"Hup Holland" keyrings with charms

Youngest's school has the tradition of not celebrating the birthdays of teachers on their actual birthday but all the teachers of a year (or sometimes more years) get together and plot a party that lasts either all morning or all afternoon of a school day (in older classes they also do stuff like a sleepover and a gala dinner) and the kids then usually take a small gift of some sort (the teachers try to encourage something home made from the kids but youngest isn't all that crafty unfortunately). I really hope the teachers like them :)

So this year I made keyrings/bag decorations in the colours of the theme of the party "Hup Holland" which is the football supporters chant at Dutch national football matches (that's soccer for the USA people who are wondering :) )

The large things hanging from ribbons are 4 different coloured  (red/white/blue/orange) 60 degree diamonds sewn together with a layer of leave in stabiliser stuck in place with iron on adhesive so that I didn't have to stuff the shapes but could keep them lightweight.

I also made little "delfts blue" hearts with blue and white fabric bonded to a little heart shape cut from the stabiliser. and strung larger beads onto the ribbons and tied them in place around seashell or sun charms

I bound the tops of the ribbons together with embroidery floss then wrapped it around the ring 3 times and made it pretty with a blanket stitch going all the way round and then over the bit I'd wrapped the thread round.

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