Monday, 30 November 2020

Mini Magical Mystery SAL 17 - Part 1

Welcome back for day one of the seventeenth round of mini mystery stitching! This is the first of two mini mysteries that will be done this month - it's a month of mysteries as there is also the Advent Mystery SAL and the NYE Mystery! On top of that I'll be posting the second "back" later today as I've finally found time to stitch it!
As always for the first post I'm showing the fabric and thread I'm using this time. I don't like to spoil the surprise of opening the pattern so my photos are of the day before, or in this case of the fabric and thread. I'm using DMC 742. The fabric is Jodyri Designs Nevermore 18ct Aida that I also used for the eleventh, thirteenth, and fifteenth Mini Magical Mystery SALs. It's a bit scrunched up from being in the hoop for the other Mini Magical Mystery SALs - the bit you see here isn't going to be stitched on yet so I didn't iron it - it'll get scrunched up again when I put it in the hoop so I didn't think it made sense to do so. The beads are TOHO TR-11-148F - Ceylon Frosted Peach Cobbler.

Normally I'd also show a picture of my backstitched outlines but because I was working on the second back pattern I didn't have time.
You can find today's pattern here. Please count carefully - you don't want to make a mistake today.

Have fun and I'll be back later with the back pattern I mentioned earlier and tomorrow with the final post of the Autumn Mystery SAL 2020, the next part of the Mini Magical Mystery SAL 17, the Temperature SAL and the final part of the Weavers Animals Band Sampler SAL! I'm exhausted already just from typing that hahaha.

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